The team

The class is taught by experienced instructors of different levels

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Andrew - 15th Dan  
Andrew works in the City of London and has been studying martial arts for thirty years. It was whilst studying Karate that Andrew discovered Bujinkan training in the 1980’s with his current teacher, Brin Morgan.  The pursuit of his art has taken Andrew to the USA, Europe, Africa and Japan – training with both his teacher and Soke Dr Masaaki Hatsumi in each of those regions. He opened the London dojo in the 1990’s and now has students ranked from beginners to Black Belt 7th Dan. Andrew holds the rank of 15th Dan instructor level under Dr Hatsumi.
 Gareth - 5th Dan  
Gareth started training in the martial arts as a teenager. When he turned eighteen he discovered the Bujinkan system of martial disciplines and has never looked back. Other interests include dancing (unpredictably), playing the cello (badly) and growing vegetables (nutritiously).  
 Marcus - 5th Dan
Marcus has been training in the Bujinkan since 1999. He has also trained in Aikido, Judo and Karate. Other interests are Crossfit and volunteering for a Search and Rescue charity.
 Dan - 4th Dan  
Dan has been training in Bujinkan Ninjutsu under the instructorship of Brin Morgan since 1993, he has attended numerous seminars in europe and around the world. Dan is an experienced Kayaker and a keen outdoor enthusiast.  Photo of Dan coming soon... 

'Little' Lee - 3rd Dan  

Lee started studying martial arts in 1994 when he began training in Jujutsu and western Boxing whilst at University, he joined the Dojo in 1997. Lee has attended numerous seminars and training festivals both in the UK and Germany with Shadow Warrior founders Brin and Natasha Morgan, as-well as attending the 2003 UK Taikai that was held at Mancester Velodrome and trained directly under Soke Hatsumi at the time.