The origins of Bujinkan Ninjutsu stem from as far back as the early 12th century. Medieval Japanese warriors began equipping themselves with combat skills that would foil the samurai armies. Throughout the last 900 years, Ninjutsu has developed with each generation, adapting to landscape, circumstance and technology.

At Shadow Warrior Bujinkan London, our aim is to preserve the essence, and valuable combat experience, of the exponents of these martial arts but also to adapt, as they would have done, to modern day circumstances, scenarios and fight styles. As martial arts become ever more popular, people are more interested in not just protecting themselves, but using combat systems to improve and test their fitness and competence.

We know Ninjutsu must, once again, move with the times. Shadow Warrior Bujinkan London achieves this by:

• Teaching traditional kata, weapons and concepts
• Focusing on clinical and accurate application of technique
• A positive and communal learning environment where everyone, regardless of their rank, plays an important role