About Bujinkan London

Classes are resuming on 1 September!


At Shadow Warrior Bujinkan London we preserve the essence of the teachings and techniques of Ninpo, passed down to us from previous Grandmasters of our art.

In so doing, we continue the tradition of our lineage in adapting the art to deal with modern day scenarios.  Yesterday’s “contemporary” becomes today’s “history”, in a continuous cycle of adaptation.  A famous quotation “Ban Pen Fu Gyo” epitomises this – “Ten thousand changes, no surprises for the ninja”.

The Bujinkan system is a fully comprehensive combat art: as such, it covers all areas of self-protection – both armed and unarmed.  Bullies and cowards throughout the ages have seen nothing wrong with attacking others: often superior numerically, by being armed and choosing the time and location of the confrontation.  Sun-Tzu teaches that, with superior training in tactics, overwhelming odds can be overcome.  Martial arts were devised to challenge the theory that “might equals right”.

In order to defeat just one person however, one must first understand oneself.  To realise this, our training involves the study of:

  • specific principles and techniques within our 9 ryu (schools)
  • kata (pre-defined forms) as a method of instruction
  • the guiding principles of weapons


We do this via three avenues of learning:

1. Dojo training (held twice weekly)

2. Seminar training (weekend training held throughout the year)

3. Solo training (individual practice)

We encourage you to join us in exploring the amazing word of martial arts.  No matter your sex, age, race, religion or physical fitness level; we can help you to help yourself.  Come along and see for yourself!


Ninpo Ikkan

(May the Warrior Spirit always be with you)

 Bujinkan Dojo kanji
 Sword fighting